Trees Please Groasis Distribution

We have partnered with Groasis,  a wonderful company based in the Netherlands that is dedicated to reforestation and anti-desertification around the world. 

Trees Please has become the Southwest reseller of a product called the Waterboxx. The Waterboxx establishes newly planted trees with only 16 liters (4 gallons) of water every 9 months, and it is reusable up to ten times!   Click the link to learn more about the Waterboxx and how you can order one today! Click HERE  to
learn more about the Groasis company...

                                          Since 2005, Purity Painting & Finishing LLC
has been providing custom remodel, refinishing, and woodworking services to homeowners and contractors in Arizona.  Trees Please is proud to own such a creative and service oriented trademark. All proceeds made through Purity Painting are donated to Trees Please.  Purity Painting's focus is on non-toxic and appropriately acquired materials. Reused and/or recycled materials are a preference, and Purity is determined to give the best prices in order to accomplish its customer's dreams.